Public Transport services play a major role in economic growth of a state. Apart from offering a viable and convenient way of transport, it also enables access to basic services on trade & commerce, health care and education. The public transport service in Odisha is monitored and managed through 35 Regional Transport Authorities (RTAs) & the State Transport Authority (STA).

Stage carriage permits are issued for different categories of motor vehicles to ensure transport of goods & passengers. The Stage Carriage Permits are issued from the State Transport Authority (STA) & Regional Transport Authorities (RTAs) facilitating public transport service across the State. Issuance of such permits is complex in nature involving balanced distribution over Time & Space. Each such permit is associated with key information on Stops, Timings & Distances in every Route of Operation, online management of all STA & RTA permits and storing the information in a centralized database server. This requires visualization of map based information about the bus routes and road network connectivity across the region and also the state.

The Stage carriage permit management system facilitates such analysis and aids the decision making process by creating a centralized permit database with go-referencing of he bus stops for mapping the bus routes. This enables analysis of the gap areas in public transport service for better transport planning. Further, the system will help in enabling real time bus tracking with GPS integration in a map view of the bus routes.

The Bus owners can now make an on-line application for stage carriage permits with relevant spatial information from a map interface and track the application status post the application. Transport authorities can validate the permit applications with help of structured geo-references on route and time from the system and forward for grant of permits.